Hofje van Pauw works with the following partners:

Healthcentre Zoetermeer
Hofje van Pauw is also located in Zoetermeer. Appointment can be made on either Wednesdays and Thursdays at the Centre for Haptotherapy Zoetermeer. Appointments need to be made either through the practice in Delft, or via the website.

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Pauw Coaching
Coaching and Supervision

Coaching is a form of guidance aimed at addressing bottlenecks in work situations. Typically coaching takes a problem solving approach that can be handled on a relatively short-termed basis. The goal is to increase personal effectiveness in the workplace.

The main objective of supervision is aimed at teaching one to reflect upon one’s own performance.
This is done in a systematic, focused and process-oriented way. Particularly if you are a professional dealing with people, supervision can be very beneficial.

Hofje van Pauw works with recognized, registered coaches and LVSC-registered supervisors. The coaching and supervision is provided by Pauw Coaching.

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Medical Intervention Services for  Ministry of Internal Affairs (Ministerie van BinnenlandseZaken en Koninkrijksrelaties) (BKZ)
Since 2009 Hofje van Pauw has been a fellow participant in the medical intervention services for the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Kingdom Relations.

This means that ministry employees can apply to use the services of Hofje van Pauw on referral by the ministry social worker or HR employee. The referral can only be made after permission is granted and a payment agreement is signed by the relevant manager within the ministry