Cost as of 01-01-2016


Type of treatment Duration Cost
An individual consultation 45 min € 90,-
Relationship counceling 90 min € 180,-
Pragnancy guidance 45 min € 90,-

The therapists of Hofje van Pauw, are members of:

  • the N.V.P.A. (The Dutch Association for Psychologists, Psychotherapists and Social work)
  • the V.V.H. (Dutch Association for Haptotherapists)
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Certain health insurance companies will refund a part of the costs. 
Please contact your health insurance company or call us for specific information. 
Pregnancy Counselling will not be refunded by your health insurance company.

In the Netherlands haptotherapy will be compensated under the category of  ‘Alternative treatments’.

For a review of insurance companies click here.