method of treatment

Method of Treatment

The human body gives people the most direct information about themselves. This information is not always understood or used. Haptonomy enables one to “translate” this information  through direct contact, discussions and exercises. Haptonomy allows people to become aware of emotions.

Feeling is the main instrument of Haptonomy. It is precisely this ability to feel that is pushed into the background by the intellectual, modern man.  Haptotherapy helps to correct the interrelationship between feeling and thinking, because the body simply reacts much faster than the mind.

Haptotherapy makes people aware of the interaction that exists between ‘feeling and emotions “and” thinking and acting. ”

The treatment will focus on the causes and consequences of the complaints. The haptotherapist examines where the “pain” (mental and/or physical)  is located  and guides you to ways of finding solutions. The treatment works with aspects of how you move, communicate, express your feelings and what signals the body gives in the process and how to translate these signals to inner feelings. Through this first phase you will become more aware of how you limit yourself and will learn how you can make your own  next step: “ if you know how your body reacts to certain stimuli and emotions and you’re able to recognize these and you will find the means for change”. – by means of different conduct, different movements and different responses. 
If this process is disturbed, Haptotherapy can help to broaden your opportunities and this can be supported by the development of new skills.

In this way you will create a more balanced lifestyle in which  you find more harmony between your deeper feelings and behaviour and in so doing become more true to yourself.